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Everyman on the Bus

February 21, 2013

Theatreworks’ Everyman on the Bus opens tonight. In the final scene, the fabulous Judeth Shay Burns appears as an angel singing a short piece I composed for Everyman’s ascent to heaven. The show promises to be, at the very least, unforgettable, as the audience is ferried around Colorado Springs on a bus to various settings.

The music is as heavenly as I could make it. The first half is chantlike and modal, with Judy accompanied only by high tremolo violins and a Burmese bell. The second half is orchestral and rhapsodic, with short motifs passed around contrapuntally to create a shimmering, ethereal sound.

The play opens tonight and runs through March 17. Tickets (available at the above link) are in short supply, but maybe not as short as it looks on the Theatreworks website – when I checked for availability on Wednesday, it said SOLD OUT from top to bottom, but when I called the box office at 255-3232 there were seats remaining.



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