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Devil in My Pants

April 1, 2013

I have a script and everything for an, I hope, amusing video of this song, but I’m so lazy that I decided to post this slide-show version for now. The song has its genesis in the title, which I was amazed not to find used as the hook in any song. (There a “The Devil’s in My Pants,” but I don’t think it’s as good.) Once I had that line, the sea of tom-toms – which is really the song’s focus – was the obvious next step, and a lot of fun to realize.

Mostly I write music for real orchestras, or at least music that could be played by real orchestras. But it’s also stimulating to create music specifically for recordings, because of the possibility of creating imaginary spaces. The elements in the music for “I Am Nikola Tesla” swooped around the listener; aside from one bit of the chorus, the elements in “Devil in My Pants” don’t move, but each instrument occupies its own acoustic space in the mix, from completely close and unprocessed to drowning in reverb and effects. There’s no practical way to perform the song live, at least not as it’s conceived.

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